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Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25

Install the Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 – tutorial The Android Market apk file need to be installed manually, for that you don’t need to root your device, the installation process is easy and required only to download the Market APK file, then this downloaded file need to be transferred on your Android’s SD card, and after that you need to use a file manager for install the apk file on your device. In the forward lines, I will explain you a step by step guide. First Download Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 APK file and save it in your PC. - Then copy and paste (transfer) the Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 APK downloaded file on your Android’s SD card device. - On your Smartphone open the file manager and find the APK file copied above. (A good file manager is ASTRO File Manager and you can download it from Google Play Store from here. - Now, enable “Unknown sources” from the menu under settings » Applications. - With the file manager application find the “apk” transferred file on the device’s SD card. - Now, tap on the Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 APK file to install it. - Congratulation, now you successfully installed the Market APK v 3.4.4 on your Android device.

Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25

: Android O/S : 2.0.1+

: Fast-paced RTS/defense strategy high seas! AYE!

Pirates! Showdown fast-paced real-time strategy(RTS) tactics. Face off against Red H head-to-head pirate battles high sea! Capture towns structures supply.


Fast paced gameplay tactics.


Comm fleet send them pirates siege targets. Send massive Ship Line!


Towns, guard towers, shipyards, lighthouses, be captured. Structures all unique purpose supply gold, attack , allow launch , etc.


Upgrade towns gold production. Upgrade guard towers their firepower .


aggressively capture towns their gold towns their gold production? Wage a purely ship battle guard towers? Find strategy .


Combat tropical Caribbean then follow them in River Styx world. coming soon!

What's Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 : (Updated : May 24, 2013)



18 new levels

New world - Open Sea

New levels larger than previous levels


Attack power obelisk

Gold obelisk


Decreased load times

Decreased size

Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 performance


Added Facebook buttons


Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 tutorial

Added level preview

Misc. tweaks

Misc. bug fixes


Android Apk »Pirates! Showdown v1.0.25 Instructions:

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